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Our history.

We present the most salient moments in the history of the Moto Club Camerino since 1950.

The Moto Club Camerino was born in 1950 from an offshoot of the “Ennio Passamonti” Sports Society, which represented the entire sporting activity in the city and under whose aegis it took its first steps.

These are the only certain data we have on the foundation of the association, which was later destined to take on a first-rate role in the national motoring panorama.

There is no precise date, there cannot be, given that the idea came to a group of motor enthusiasts * who day after day developed a project destined over time to take on a connotation that no one could have imagined, capable of reach – as happened – such high levels.

The year was 1950...

The first step was to make the new organization independent from the company that had helped it come into existence, and then continue with its own efforts towards an increasingly demanding activity.

The first milestone was laid with the implementation of a competition that would attract enthusiasts from outside the region and act as a sounding board for the entire citizenry. Practically the foundations had been laid for what would become the "Camerino Circuit" which for over twenty years would monopolize the sport of motor-driven two-wheelers.


The next step was to turn attention towards the off-road vehicle which some Moto Clubs in the area had made their workhorse and here came the regularity (later enduro).

By now we had entered the organizational vortex that will characterize the entire life of the association which has dealt with the entire motoring panorama, even ranging into non-specific terrains of an institution, which has its pulsating soul in the two wheels pulled by an engine, up to reach the present day when we have been called to put ourselves at the helm of another event that promises to be epochal.

We waited for a long time.

Ever since the possibility of bringing back what was the event of the last century in Camerino (and not only in Camerino) was revealed to us, we have done nothing but think about how to organize ourselves.

In the meantime we have carried out other events, some of which are at an international level, but the thought of having to deal with something that goes beyond the normal evolution of things has always made us feel a bit nervous. The Camerino Moto Club, one of the longest-standing on the peninsula, in its over seventy years of existence, has been through a lot, seen a lot, organized a lot.

All the greats of motorcycling in all its most important and popular expressions have passed here:

from speed: how can we forget Giacomo Agostini (undisputed number one of all time), Renzo Pasolini, Giuseppe Dal Toè; at the trial with Jordj Tarres, Tommy Avhala, Diego Bosis the first Italian who managed to win an Italian Grand Prix and moreover with an Italian motorbike;

to enduro: Jury Stodulka, Alessandro Gritti, Giovanni Sala, Mario Rinaldi, Juha Salminen, Johnny Aubert - just to name the best known - all have competed and won in these parts. Even Bruno Arcari, one of the boxers who wrote the most beautiful stories in world boxing, fought his match in Camerino in a meeting created for the organization of the motorcycle club.

Throughout its history, our association has been involved in karting, horse racing, car races, snowmobiles, hill climbs and... boxing. Upon completion of the work, all that was missing was a stable facility where motorcycling could be proposed and practiced without the hassle of starting over from scratch every time.

Everything that is our life, everything that has characterized our journey behind or on a motorbike, we have told in two volumes which summarize in detail the first seventy years of our Moto Club.

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Now we are faced with something that we never expected to have to organize. Something that goes beyond our expectations but at the same time makes us proud to be able to commit to such a grandiose event that we hope will continue to bring prestige to the moto club. We have dedicated all our strength to it.

Moto Club Camerino

*Imagining how this passion could have been cultivated then when throughout the city the number of vehicles circulating could be counted on the fingers of just a few hands is not an easy thing.

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